About Me



Growing up, I’ve always been passionate about a range of things such as, photography, art, design and fashion. But instead I chose to pursue another career option; Engineering. Yes, you read that right!

I took a year off after 12th grade, to clear my head and figure out exactly what I wanted to do. At this stage, I was already practicing yoga occasionally. It was during this year, that my father encouraged me to pursue a Teacher's Training Course in Yoga. Although, the youngest student of the course, at only 18 I had realized this was my calling. I honestly wonder sometimes, did I find Yoga? Or did Yoga find me?!

Today I am a Mechanical Engineering student, fueled by my passion for Yoga!

My dream is to travel, and explore the world by teaching Yoga and helping people fall in love with this wonderful practice.

©2019 by Trishala Gopinath

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