5 Basic Back Stretches


Given the 21st Century lifestyle, the back is one of the most affected regions of the body and we often turn a blind eye to it, the result of which we realize much later on in the future. So for my first post I'd like to share some Asanas that are easy to practice on a daily basis and can be practiced safely by anyone.

1. Adhavasana

Relax the back by first performing this Asana to restore the natural curve of the back, just breathe!

2. Child Sleeping Pose

Next, relax the back by allowing one side of the body to contract and the other to expand, this is easily done by bending one knee towards the elbow and allowing the other leg to be straight. Be sure to practice for both sides!

3. Makarasana/Crocodile Sleeping Pose 

This pose is most effective for correcting Slip-disk. Yes, it really is that easy, yet powerful.

4. Ardha Bhujangasana/ Half Cobra Pose 

This pose gently massage the muscles of the lower back. Breathing in as you go up, and breathing out as you come back down.

5. Bhujangasana/ Cobra Pose 

Lastly, lift the head and chest off the floor without allowing the navel to move more than 3cm above the floor. Make sure the elbows are pointing backwards and kept bent.

Practising each asana between 5-7 times before moving onto the next asana will ensure maximum benefit!

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