Beginners Guide To Yoga


If you’re an absolute beginner and want to try Yoga but you are clueless on where to start, then this post is for you!

Do keep in mind that Yoga, like any other form of workout requires patience to see results. Some of these movements will be slow to begin with but we had to learn to walk before you can run

As a beginner, it is really important to become aware of what movements to do. Sometimes it’s easy to mistake one movement for the other, and this awareness will come with time. From teaching personal sessions, I have noticed that often when “Toe Bending” is mistaken for “Ankle Bending”! And this might not be a huge difference, but you will become slowly aware of how little we know about our very own bodies and the joints present.

So in this guide I will name a few asanas or sequence of asanas that you might find easily on a quick YouTube search.

1. Pawanmuktasana One :

This sequence of practices ensures all joints of the body have been sufficiently warmed up, and you should aim to practice this before or after any other rigorous workout, to make sure you don’t hurt any of these joints. If you have ever injured your finger or toe, you’ll understand the importance of a good warm up!

2. TTK :

This acronym stands for Tadasana, Tiryaka-tadasana and Katti-Chakrasana. This set of practices are so simple in movement but yet, I find it difficult to practice! It is a wonderful combination of extending the spinal column, balance, side bending and twisting. I’m sure not many of us pay much mind to the muscles along the sides of the body, but if you think about it, these are the muscles that support our entire spinal column. To ensure the health of your back, your core, you must practice this everyday as soon as you get off your bed! You will also learn the art of breathing into a practice with just these 3 asanas.

3. Shashankasana :

This is commonly known as the embryo pose, and it is one of the best, and simplest ways to release STRESS. Yes, that’s right, if you find yourself anxious, frustrated or angry, try resting in this pose and in a matter of minutes feel the difference. Scientifically, the hormone Cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone get collected in one place; your forehead, when practicing this posture. You can practice it in the comfort of your own bed too!

This sequence should take you less than 15 mins everyday. And yes, they ARE extremely easy, but also very beneficial not only your physical health, but your breathing as well as your mental health. I'm only suggesting a few here because I know more than this will probably fly off the top of our heads!

I challenge each of you who have gotten this far, to try and do these 3 sets of asanas everyday for 14 Days! I promise you, its a lot easier than the Chloe Ting 14 Day Shred! It might not take inches off your waist, but it will help you build a sustainable and easy practice, which gets your blood flowing and keeps your mood balanced!

Stay Safe, Stay Aware!


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