Believing In Yourself To Achieve Your Goal


I can't believe a whole year has gone by since I first decided to create this blog! A whole year of inconsistent posting, that is, but I've mentioned that too much for me to bring it up again :P

Speaking of inconsistency, I'm not someone to really form New Year's Resolutions because I've found that I rarely ever stick to them. I always made a resolution for the sake of making one, generally just before the clock strikes twelve, in the hopes that a new year motivates me to stick to my new commitments. But I soon find myself making excuses, because how can we expect to abide by a list of commitments that we've come up with in a day or two? I'm not sure that's a wise choice, but if you feel differently and you are able to commit to your list, let me know how you do so in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

I recently watched a video where this particular YouTuber mentions Ed Mylett, and in this video she talks about an interview where Ed Mylett, who is an entrepreneur, says

"You can't achieve a goal, even something simple, like trying to loose weight, or get into better shape, or get healthier, when you don't trust yourself, or have self doubt"

To me that sounded so simply put, yet so true. I've failed countless times at waking up at six in the morning to practice yoga, even if for a half-hour or meditate for a few minutes, because I always make excuses for myself, I always believe I'll be too tired to function during my day of classes, when I know that's not true. Also, just like the quote says, I really do begin to lose confidence in my ability to at least try and make the change or stick to a routine.

I think that's a decent enough explanation to why I don't make resolutions, or at least why I don't believe in them. But I am going to try to trust myself more, to help build self confidence! Not starting on January 1st, starting NOW.

I think to see a change, we shouldn't even call it a Resolution, because we all know nobody expects us to stick to our New Year's Resolution, and that in itself is an excuse, how can we expect ourselves to follow a list that is built based on an excuse? I hope I'm making sense, and that some of you reading feel the same way. Please comment below if you do!

Anyway, I would love for you all to believe in yourself by starting small, by making the change so it can soon become your routine, whether that's exercising, dieting or working. Believe in yourself to believe in your routine and to reap the seeds you sow!

P.S I'm pretty sure my Resolution for 2019 was to blog consistently, but since that hasn't happened, I'm going to blame it on the fact that it was my Resolution and hence I made excuses for myself. But I'm going to try, even before 2020 creeps up, to blog more. Just figured I would use that as an example to aid my argument :P Hope that example helps!


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