5 Gulps Of H2O A Day Keeps The Bloat Away!


If any of you experience bloating, then you probably know how frustrating it can be. For a few years now I have been noticing that I feel bloated almost at all times except the few hours before breakfast. I feel bloated after a light meal, after a heavy meal and even after doing an hour of yoga. Or at least I used to feel that way.

So recently I set out to find the cause for my bloating. After watching a bunch of videos I noticed almost all of them listed that insufficient water consumption is probably the most common cause for bloating.

That was strange to me, because I walk an average of 6-7 kms a day in college and sometimes even unto 9 kms and I always carry a water bottle that I continuously refill throughout the day. However, I don't really keep track of how much water I consume per day, because if you are that one person, like me, who carries a bottle, then you'll know that people rely on you for water so its impossible to keep track.

So just to test this theory out, I began drinking 5 mouthfuls of water every morning right after I woke up, I have no idea how many mL of water that is, and its just easier to count 5 large sips :P

I honestly could not believe the results, the discomfort after my meals had vanished! The appearance of belly fat, the feeling of being a little too full and heavy had all disappeared the very same day. To be sure it worked I continued to do so and now I am one month into this experiment and I could not be more amazed/satisfied! As simple as this sounds, it really did help me, although I have no pictures to prove it because I didn't expect it to work :P

Besides just drinking water in the morning, I am also trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet, especially ones rich in water. A few pieces of cucumber at lunch is super refreshing and contains a lot of water, so I think that definitely helps too.

If this doesn't help your bloating, then also try the following ;

  1. Avoid milk

  2. Avoid wheat

  3. Reduce sugar intake

The above are some very common causes of bloating and sadly a majority of the Indian diet contains all three of the above! So this might be slightly more difficult to implement than my 5 Gulps Of Water A Day Keeps The Bloat Away experiment, which I suggest anyone reading this start with first because it is so easy but has has been so effective for me and it just might be for you too!


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