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Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Recently I've been watching a lot of inspirational videos on how to just get up and take the required steps to do all the ambitious things we dream about in life. Coming into 3rd year of my degree, everyone around me is running around preparing for this exam or that, and I'm honestly just stuck in between, not preparing for anything.

I remember back in first year, we all spoke about how 3rd year would be the year to get down to the serious career aspects of life and it was comforting then that 3rd year was still roughly 2 years ahead of us. Two years seems like such a long time when you're in school but everyone who's been through college or just finished with high school knows that time seems to accelerate a hundred times faster now, than it did back then.

When we were kids, all of us have heard our parents say "time will fly" and we wanted it to fly, we wanted nothing more than to be 18 and have a driver's license. But I'm 21 now and I feel like only yesterday I was 18! Every semester goes by in the blink of an eye and before I could notice, I have been catapulted into 3rd year.

All this time has made me wonder; What I have achieved? What do I really have to be proud of? What is it that I want to do in the next 2 years when college will no longer be my excuse or my safety net?

In the most recent TEDx Talk I watched "How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals" by Stephen Duneier, he describes how he breaks down every seemingly huge task into little tasks, making minor changes to his daily routine to finally achieve his goal. Thats crazy, right?! If only spending 10 minutes committing to maybe reading a book, working out, filming, writing, doing an assignment, has the potential to help you successfully achieve that task, then why don't more of us do it? I highly recommend you watch the video if you're like me, wondering what you're doing in life while time never stops to let you take a breather.

So now the only remaining task is to figure out what the big task is that I want to break down! I didn't realise I was such a procrastinator until I wrote this whole post out :P

In my last post I wanted to make sure I practiced at least three times a week, and I have been doing that pretty consistently, believe it or not! Starting anything is the only problem, once you start, if you like it, or maybe even if you don't, you will probably get hooked onto the routine you've set for yourself and it'll force you to commit.

I promised myself last year this time I would get working on the design of what is now my blog, and that I would consistently write, but clearly that hasn't happened all year. It took me roughly 2-3 months, with tonnes of help from a very good childhood friend to come up with a blog that I liked, and I honestly only worked on it for a few minutes every day. I often pressure myself into making it look well put together, taking pictures for it and planning in advance that I actually don't end up publishing my posts. If I could create this space that you're reading on right now, maybe I could create some actual content for you guys to read and a place for me to just clear my head.

So here I am, back at square one, only trying to commit to the small task of writing, and hoping that I'll be able to actually publish some of it!

I hope I didn't bore anyone reading this, but I just figured I would write today.


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