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I constantly feel like I'm not doing enough because looking around there are always going to be people who work towards a career non-stop, they always have their plate full. And then there are people who are probably my age and have already got stability, found the job of their dreams, and are working hard.

Competition is not really something that has ever bothered me, I don't even like being a competitor, I just enjoy setting my own goals and achieving them, however small they may be. In today's world, can we really afford to not worry about competition? I am an engineering student after all, and there are way too many people around me competing for the same exact spot.

How is it possible to be unique or be ourselves when so many of us aspire towards the same goal? Is that not contradictory? It is. I think the important thing to take away is to still try to be yourself. It's hard to forget about everyone else around you, but just make sure that you are working towards YOUR goal, not someone else's standards of it, just yours.

As some of you may recall, I set a goal to write on this blog around a year ago and although I knew it would be a very difficult task, I didn't know it would be this difficult :P I have published 8 posts in the past 10 months, pretty pathetic right? I think that is because I constantly criticise myself, either the post is not good enough, or I don't want to publish at that point in time, or my pictures are not up to the mark, or my writing is bad.

So I really do want to write commit more to just writing on here, and I hope you will enjoy some of it, too. I know I can't just sit around and hope that my content is going to get better, I need to actually work at it. If you're also wondering wether or not you should start this or do that, just try! At least you won't hate yourself later for not even giving it a shot! Please don't worry about criticism from others, because looking at people who don't is what motivates me and I'm sure it motivates you as well, but you just assume Oh, but I couldn't do that. Why not?! You COULD, and you can.

I started off this post wanting to write about taking a break after what seems to be the hardest semester yet, but somehow it has taken a different path altogether, and I hope you are okay with that!

Thats it from me today :)


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