Reflecting On 2019


Reflecting on this past year, I have so many memories and lessons to be grateful for! I'm sure you guys do too. These are the top four random things I could think of.

1. Starting this blog

Of course I had to mention this! All of you who bother to read my posts, comment and let me know what you thought is my biggest motivation! I am ever so grateful to you, it means so much to me to be able to share my thoughts here and see that some of you resonate with it. I didn't realise when I started that I would enjoy it as much as I do, even if I post once in a Blue moon :P

Some of my recent posts had almost nothing to do with Yoga, but a lot of you seem to enjoy those, based on the feedback I've received. I had no expectations for those particular posts, but I'm so glad you enjoyed them! So thank you for still being here! Do let me know what posts you would like to see in the future and I promise I'll work on them :)

2. Certified Yoga & Wellness Instructor

This year I finally made up my mind to get my Government Certification to be a Level 2 Yoga & Wellness Instructor. I've been putting this off since 2017, when I finished my 500hr Yoga Training, in the fear of failure. This certification was more a personal validation than anything else, I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of teaching others. I just thought I would share that here incase any of you have been putting off something that you knew you just had to get done but have been waiting for the "right time". There really is no right or wrong time, is there? Anytime you start will be just as scary and exciting, but we all have to start somewhere! There is no better time than NOW.

3. Third Year Of College

I've heard countless time from my Dad that 3rd year of college will teach me the most, and its needless to say he was right yet again. I'm grateful for all the people who have been true and honest and have stuck by me since I first met them. I'm also grateful to those who drifted away, and for those who showed me their true colours. I'm sure many of you reading right now will feel the same way, we only need those people in our lives who can be supportive, encouraging and brutally honest when we need it. In saying that, I'm always grateful for my friends who've been there since before college! I'm also glad that I'm almost done with college, any of you feel the same way? :P

4. A Functioning Body

Everyday we criticise our bodies for not looking a certain way, but shouldn't we be grateful for a physical body that is capable of adapting to change, that is capable of moving and functioning? This year I've worked on training my mind to be grateful for the body I have, instead of criticising my appearance as a whole. I think we can all pay a little more attention to ourselves and begin to improve our mindset, train ourselves to be more positive and not strive to behave or look a certain way. We are all different by nature, so why oppose that just to fit under a certain category of people? I hope you can understand what I'm saying and give it some thought too. I urge you to work on your mental as well as physical health this coming year!

Also, grateful for a wonderful and extremely supportive Family!

I would love to hear some of your biggest achievements or your fondest memories in the comments below!


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