What I've Been Upto In Lockdown


Gosh, I can't believe its been months since lockdown started and I haven't written a single post on here! I have no one to blame but myself of course. I just hadn't found the motivation to write, although god knows I had all the time.

Focusing on Instagram and interacting with people has made me more confident of my knowledge and ability to voice my opinion.

Over these months at home, I have had countless hours to practice, to realise, to reflect on my weaknesses. Currently I practice every morning from 7.10-8.10 am for a live YouTube session with Yoga Wellness Centre. The classes are totally free and has a wide range of videos for one to choose from. So if you would want to join and practice along with me, do get onto their YouTube channel which I've linked here


If not for these classes I probably would not practice Yoga so early, but this routine has sort of set in with me and I find it quite comfortable even with 5-6h of sleep. The classes cater to a wide range of abilities, there are so many variations in poses mentioned as we go and I'm sure you'll find it easier than you think.

There's something about starting your day early that makes you feel more productive throughout the rest of the day, isn't there? I often think I can't make it to class because I'm so sleepy, but I manage to push myself and get there, only to find that an hour later I am so energised. This energy lasts me throughout the day, I barely ever feel drowsy or lethargic, however, I am a fan of the afternoon siesta and almost never skip it.

I will probably tell you in my next post about what I've been onto, how I've progressed in various asanas, how I spend my time, the books I've read and about pursuing making diet charts!

If you would like to take a personal class with me, for the beginner, intermediate or advanced level then find me here


to book a live session or contact me directly as well from my contact details provided on the top right corner of this page!

Stay Safe!


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