Test Your Mind With Balance


The series of Balancing Asanas are the ones I personally find the hardest to practice and hold. It really puts your mind to the test. If you find your thoughts wandering, then you'll be able to see how evidently it reflects in your practice, especially ones that require balance. On some days these asanas come so naturally to me and I love doing them, but on most days its such a task to find my balance! You'll see me stumble and fall over and over again and still I won't be able to hold the pose.

So this week I'd love for you guys to put your mind to the test! Try these asanas out and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Train your mind and your thoughts according to your will, think about you and your mat and just that.

1. Natarajasana / Lord Shiva's pose

This asana helps strengthen the back, shoulders, arms and legs. It helps you find your balance and improves concentration.

For all of these asanas start by focusing your eyes at a point at eye level and fold one leg back to hold your ankle. If this is all you can do, then that's fine too. Make sure you start small so you can hold each step before moving onto the next.

2. Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

This pose tests not only your balance but the flexibility in your hamstrings! If you find it difficult to stretch out your leg completely then just hold the toe with one hand and rest the other on your hips. Once you find your balance, slowly try to stretch the leg as much as possible, to a comfortable distance away from the body.

3. Ardha Padmasana

I love this asana! I can find my balance in this much easier than I can with the rest of these asanas and this sense of calm always washes over me when I practice it. Try the varied hand positions too!

4. Garudasana / Eagle Pose

Start by crossing one leg over the other at the thigh and if you cancross again at the shin to lock your foot. Finding your balance, bend the other knee slightly to assume a sitting position. Make sure your spine is straight and your back is not rounded. Then double cross your arms as well to bring your thumb between your eyebrows.

Enjoy the double twist!

As always, practice for both sides hold unto 20 counts!


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